Helping People - Protecting Places

Every person occupies a place on this earth and all of us appreciate and desire a healthy environment; be that place your local park, your neighborhood, your community or some larger landscape such as a river, watershed or special landscape.

The place you care about may be your back yard, your farm, your business campus, a nearby park, a wildlife refuge, your favorite river or riverfront, or an entire landscape or ecosystem. At multiple scales, the quality and health of places you love may be threatened by changes in public policy, or private decisions that result in changes in land use, development or resource ownership.  As you try to determine how to respond to these changes, you do not need to “reinvent the wheel” whether you are reacting to a specific threat or designing a pro-active conservation strategy.

Whatever the size or scale of the place you are concerned about, and for whatever reasons you want to see it protected, Dan McGuiness & Associates can help. With 40 years of experience in natural resource conservation planning, design, fundraising and project management, we want to help you achieve your goals.

Contact us to learn more, or join us at one of our periodic gatherings called the Mississippi River Breakfast Club, a gathering of people who want to share ideas and build a wider network of people with common goals for their neighborhood, community or region.



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